About the Project

Did you see Queen Elizabeth II in high heels in a Finnish forest? Did Winston Churchill’s father catch any fish on his fishing trip to Finland?

A Tale of Two Countries is a digital gallery project lead by the Finnish Institute in London, created together with The British Library, The National Archives of Finland, The National Library of Finland and several other archives. The digital gallery offers its visitors carefully curated pieces of the shared history of Finland and Britain and their cultural, political and economic relations. It consists of digitised historical materials, like letters, newspapers and photographs. It maintains digital cultural heritage, inspires the further use of digital collections and invites people to enrich the gallery with personal keepsakes.

The tale of Finland and Britain is brought to life both through remarkable political events and the personal memories and experiences of people. A Tale of Two Countries invites all to share memories relating to Finland and Britain and write history from a personal point of view in the Gallery of Memories. Have you studied abroad or found the love of your life overseas? Write down your memory, experience or thought relating to Finland and Britain and download a keepsake that reminds you of it.

A Tale of Two Countries is part of the official programme of the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017. The centenary celebrations emphasise Finland’s strengths, such as equality and democracy, and provide opportunities to better understand the past in order to set the course for Finland’s future success. A Tale of Two Countries shows that for centuries Finland’s international ties and especially the interaction with Britain has been a vital part of the country’s development. Finland and Britain have mutually benefited from cultural, political and economical relations and both countries have appreciated the example set by the other in social, political and cultural development.

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