Letters from Composer Jean Sibelius to Harriet Cohen

Letters from Composer Jean Sibelius to Harriet Cohen


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Letters from Composer Jean Sibelius to Harriet Cohen

The famous British pianist Harriet Cohen corresponded with Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The two were good friends, and Cohen visited the Sibelius’ home in Finland several times. The letter have a warm, friendly tone. Cohen had sent Sibelius a box of cigars for his 90th birthday. Sibelius replied: “Dear friend, please accept my most cordial thanks for your letter and for your great kindness to send me excellent cigars. Needless to say, they were very welcome.” and continues with condolences of the death of the British composer Arnold Bax: “I was really grieved to hear that Arnold Bax whom I liked so much has passed away.” In another letter, Cohen thanks Sibelius for their previous meeting: “The marvellous hour with you will shine like a jewel for me the rest of my life. … I’m sending you and your wife some violets from the South of England. I hope you will love their scent and that they will waft their English perfume through your beautiful studio. With love to you all.”

Title: MS Mus. 1641. Vol. xvi. MacKenzie-Wilder.ff. 187. 335 x 240mmincludes:ff. 1-2. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, KCVO; composer: Letter from Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie to Harriet Cohen: 1912.ff. 3-4. Harriet Coh

Collection Area: Music Collections
Reference: MS Mus. 1641

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