Telegram to Jean Sibelius

Telegram to Jean Sibelius


AUTHOR Rosa Newmarch CATEGORY Art & Culture PARTNER The National Archives of Finland
Telegram to Jean Sibelius

Rosa Newmarch (1857–1940) was an influential British music author, whose works helped make Finnish composer Jean Sibelius known in England and the USA. Newmarch also wrote a short biography of Sibelius, published in 1906: Jean Sibelius, A Finnish Composer.

Sibelius and Newmarch met in 1905, became friends and corresponded for a long time. In 1939 Newmarch published the book “Jean Sibelius: A Short Story of a Long Friendship”. The letters Rosa Newmarch wrote to Sibelius can be found at the Finnish National Archives.

Newmarch helped arrange an offer of three concerts in London for Sibelius in February 1921. A corresponding note from Sibelius’ diary tells he accepted the offer and commission.

“Chappell offers one hundred fifty pounds for three concerts two symphonies one ballad concert”


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